US Hwy 6 Collector-Distributor Ramp Improvement - Stolfus and Associates
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US Hwy 6 Collector-Distributor Ramp Improvement

About This Project



  • US Hwy 6 from I-25 west to Perry Street was recently reconstructed (US 6 Bridges project)
  • Observed congestion and safety concerns at westbound merge of the collector-distributor (C-D) ramp and mainline US Hwy 6
    • Traffic on the C-D often backs up during the afternoon rush hour
    • Stop-and-go traffic on the C-D increases the likelihood of traffic crashes



  • Physical constraints limit the potential for additional downstream capacity on US Hwy 6
  • The need to maintain all freeway ramps results in operational complexity along the collector-distributor ramp and mainline



  • Conducted a traffic study to identify potential improvement options
  • Calibrated a micro-simulation traffic model to existing conditions and used the model to test improvement scenarios
    • It was determined that removal of a portion of the channelizing barrier and lengthening of the merge area would significantly benefit traffic flow
  • Modeled the safety impacts of the planned improvement
    • The number of vehicle conflicts (and potential crashes) is significantly reduced by virtue of improvements to traffic flow



  • Stolfus & Associates, Inc. was ultimately tasked with designing the improvement and as of Spring 2019 it is in process of being constructed
  • Ultimately, this project is expected to improve safety and mobility for relatively low cost and with very little disruption